What is Golden Choice?

Our company is one of the supplying pioneer of food and beverage products in Malaysia, to local and foreign restaurants, cafes, and chain stores since 2001.

How do I buy products?

You can buy products by selecting your favourite items you like. You can register as a member to buy or buy as a guest.

What is the benefits of becoming a registered member?

You can enjoy our promotions up to 70%! As a registered member, you will receive notifications on surprises (like gifts/promotions/ extra discounts) during our events from time to time! Follow us on Facebook & Instagram!

Can I cancel or amend my order once I placed my order?

Once your order is placed, we apologized that it cannot be changed or amend or return as we may already proceed for production & delivery.

Is Golden Choice of food and beverage obtained JAKIM Halal certification?

We do not have Halal Certification but all our products contain no alcohol, no pork & no lard.

Do you do customized order?

Yes, we do. For further enquiries, please contact us at (Our enquiries page) or [email protected]

Can I purpose my wishlist of my favourite food and beverage here?

Yes, you can! Tell us what you wish, The more people requesting the same products, we will try our best to source for you!