Non Dairy Creamer (31) Kievit@25Kg/Ctn


Our range of dairy and non-dairy powdered creamers is used in beverages such as coffee and tea. Vana?-Blanca offers a vast array of sensory aspects, like a beautiful flavour, a pleasing mouthfeel and optimal whitening.

Benefits of our product

  • Tailored taste profile: from milky to creamy and from sweet to a coffee roasted flavour
  • Customised colour, from super-white to more off-white
  • Superior mouthfeel
  • Good solubility
  • Excellent flowing properties
  • Regional presence of production facilities with global reach

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Creamer that suitable for milk tea, fruit ice blended, matcha drinks, thai millk tea, coffee and many more. Beverages that include creamer will have better taste!

  • Brand: Kievit
  • Item: Creamer


  • 25kg per pack;
  • This packaging is suitable for stores who used big volume of creamer.
  • Available in small packaging, 1kg per packet.



Additional information

Weight30 kg
Dimensions60 × 60 × 70 cm