Dasin Pearl Maker Machine PG150


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Standard Operating Procedure saves time for training. Develop new flavor tapioca pearls by yourself easily.


  • The smallest desktop tapioca pearls forming machine for commercial use.
  • Making round tapioca pearls very fast.
  • A great and nutritive partner for fresh-made tapioca pearls stores.
  • Using desktop tapioca pearls forming machine to keep production environment clean and neat.
  • Suitable for making tapioca pearls and all kinds of little round dough.
  • Using as automatic Chinese medicine pills forming machine.
  • Making round tapioca pearls very fast with a speed of 30kg per hour.
  • Front and back safety doors.  Automatic power off while opening safety door.


  • HP                                    :  90W gear motor
  • Size                                  :  22X33X42cm
  • Net Weight                     :  30kg
  • Material                          :  #304 stainless steel
  • Capacity                          :  30kg (dough) / hour
  • Size of Tapioca Pearls  :  9mm(standard)/other sizes in development


  • CE, FCC, UL

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Weight35 kg
Dimensions35 × 45 × 55 cm