Greatness GE-298 Tea Coffee Machine


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The Most Problem faced by F & B industry included Cafe, Restaurant, Chain Store, Bubble tea, catering industry and others F & B are the shortage of manpower, the fact that there is no permit for foreign workers, and the staff work is not long. In particular, the quality control of coffee and tea is often unstable, sometime under control but currently facing f & b so competitive, do not know what to do?

16 years experienced in f & b industry, and have been found tea and coffee sector often faced the same problem.

  • Not very sure how many water level and weight of tea or coffee to cook and get the better taste.
  • Not very sure the temperature to cook and stew the tea or coffee.
  • In the face of head rest or left, the replacement of people do not know how to proceed, the boss or manager “like a fireman” must appear to solve the problem.
  • The face of the economy challenges, recruit more staff will increase monthly operation cost.
  • The setting temperature for green tea, oolong tea and black tea are not the same, boiled stew will affect sometimes bitter and sometimes tea taste too thin.

Want to solve the tea and coffee brewing method.

  • Water and time control can be set in advance
  • There are three different temperature settings and two kinds of water level  to brew coffee or tea
  • You will solve the problem of bar tender rest or leave, and still can maintain the quality as usual.
  • Simple and easy to operate, save operating costs for long terms.
  • When  cooking green tea (light roasted), oolong tea (middle roasted) and black tea (heavy roasted) even more trouble, tea bitter and the taste of some of the tea can be solve.


  • Source Water  :  Soften & Purification Water
  • * Inlet water pressure limitation :  1 ~ 4 kg/cm2
  • * Purification & Soften water are most necessary.
    GW :  23 kg/ctn
  • Accessories  : Tea Funnel * 1 Coffee Funnel * 1 Paper Filter * 50 Pcs
  • Thermal Carafes not provided
  • Warranty   :   1 year Local Supplier Warranty


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Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 45 × 45 × 60 cm