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Benefits of Lavender Tea: calms the body and mind to prevent insomnia, alleviates migraines and depression, settles a stomach ache.

Brew and drink dried lavender flower as tea. Natural aroma of lavender is released when brewed, calming the stressful mind.  Drinking lavender tea helps with indigestion and promotes appetite.

How to Serve:-

  • With Fruit tea or Flower Tea

Other Used:-

Make a lavender sachet for your car, wardrobe or bag. Add few drops of lavender essential oil to the dried flowers and put in sachet or pouch. The scent will keep mosquito away.

Dried lavender flower is a popular natural additive in handmade soap to enhance the appearance.

Packaging: 1kg*ctn

Can buy in loose packet – 100gm.

Special Order (Pre-order item), kindly contact us for make an order. 

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