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Milk Frothing pitchers, another espresso machine accessory essential, are used for manual milk frothing to make coffee drinks like lattes and cappuccinos. 
  • Size available: 10oz & 20oz

How to steam milk?

It is essential that your milk is always cold and fresh!

The too main phases of steaming milk are the so-called stretching, which introduces air, and the rolling phase, which blends the air with the milk to achieve the fine micro-foam. Make sure to never heat up the milk foam beyond 150°F.

Our milk pitchers are perfectly designed and shaped to enable you to create smooth milk foam for cappuccinos and latte macchiato. The spouts are ideal for latte art on cappuccinos. It is an important aspect to supply your customers with the appropriate and preferred dairy products.

Our pitchers made of solid stainless steel.

Volume: 10oz = 300ml


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