Ice Shaver Machine ( Pink )


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Looking for the best ice shaver machine in Malaysia? 

Specially designed for making shaved snow, PDOB-R OR PDOB-W Ice Shaver features a high-precision shaving blade and a germ-inhibiting shaving plate!

High Precision
To make soft, fluffy, high-quality Shaved Snow, the precision of the shaving blade is the key. Our ice shaver features a shaving blade with an exceptionally high precision–higher than any other commercial ice shavers on the market!

Sanitary Design
A porous shaving plate can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Because our ice shaver is equipped with a food-grade, non-porous stainless steel shaving plate, it is also superior in cleanliness and dishwasher friendly!

Capacity : 0.6-9.5kg/min
Dimension : 430x390x690 mm

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Weight 30 kg