Longan Honey Syrup GC 3.0kg


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Product Features & Benefit:

Honey Longan Syrup is ideal for food and beverage owners that seek affordable solution to their recipes. This product is mainly for commercial use with value price and quality aromatic mixture to increase the quality of the drinks. Common usage of this syrup is normally on hand-shaken drink, tea, coffee, bread, bubble tea, honey lemon and many more. If you’re sourcing for honey additives, this is the one that you won’t want to miss.

Best For:

– Western Food Restaurants

– Bubble Tea Franchises

– Cafes

– Night Market Stalls

Common Usage

– Bubble Tea

– Tea

– Coffee

– Honey Lemon

– Hand Shaken Drink

– Bread

-Honey Related Food & Drink

Method of Application:

You may use longan honey to make drinks without using fructose.


– Fructose

– Honey

– Honey Flavor


  • 3kg per bottle
  • 10 bottle per carton

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